Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

The first of the free Photoshop tutorials for beginners starts with the Brush Tool and follows with the Color Picker.

Manuals for Adobe Photo shop are written by experts and checked by experts. What they never do is grab a complete newbie and say "please learn the programme from this new manual and see how you get on". If that were done, most manuals would end up in the trash before they got printed.

With Adobe Photoshop being such a gigantic programme and somewhat overwhelming for the beginner, this Photoshop-for-beginners site aims to make that learning process as painless and easy as possible.

How should beginners start?

I find the best way is to start with exercises using the basic tools. These early tutorials for Photoshop for beginners will get you using some simple functions and help familiarity with some of the features.

In many cases, these free Photoshop tutorials for beginners come with images which can be downloaded.
It can be more interesting to work on your own pictures, however, so feel free to use them if you prefer.

The sample images are in a zip package.
To download the samples, please Click Here .

Some computers will start to open a zip file immediately; with others, a double-click can be necessary.

Within the instructions in these Photoshop tutorials for beginners, PC keystrokes are given first, then those for Mac.
Control + Alt + D will be written Ctrl + Alt + D.
Command or Apple + Alt + D will be written Cmd + Alt + D.
On older Macs, the Alt key was called Option.

The whole instruction will read Ctrl + Alt + D / Cmd + Alt + D.

Have fun.

graphic jockey

On Opening Photoshop

When Photoshop is first opened, the screen is covered with stuff and it can look very confusing.
There is an Options bar across the top, Tools on the left and a mass of panels on the right.
Many of these panels will not be used for some time; some of them may never be used. The first move is to clear them all out of the way and then add them one at a time as required.

Go to Window and you will see a tick next to every panel that is open. Drop down to each of these items one at a time and release the cursor; the panel will be removed from the screen.

When the screen is clear of them all, move on to the first of the tutorials covering the tools.

The first of the Photoshop for beginners tutorials is on the Brush Tool

Color Picker
Clone Stamp Tool
Marquee Tools
Lasso Tool
Magic Wand Tool


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