Free Photoshop Tutorials
 & Learning the Easy Way

The Photoshop Tutorials on this site aim to make the Photoshop programme simpler to learn and easier to understand.

Confused about where to begin?

Not sure which manuals to use and which tutorials to try?

Feel you are not getting much out of the programme?

This is the place to solve such problems...

  • These tutorials approach the learning process in a completely new way from existing manuals.
  • Start immediately with exercises for the main PS tools.
  • The FREE Photoshop tutorials, with their lessons and tips are easy to follow and begin with some basic groundwork.
  • New information and techniques are fed in gradually as required while working on images.
  • Not everything about a topic will be crammed into one tutorial – more will come along later as required.

More-advanced users will find plenty here too....

Intermediate and advanced users will also find new techniques and information.

  • Do Levels or Curves seem too alien and complicated?
  • Want to learn more about filters?
  • Ever wondered what's the point of 16bit?
  • Frustrated trying to get prints looking like the screen?
  • Want some great plug-ins to enhance Photoshop even more?
  • Only got a basic scanner and want better results?

Then this is the place.

Whether you have the latest Photoshop CS6 or an earlier version, it doesn't matter - most of the basics are pretty similar.

There is also a photography section with articles on such matters as creating better digital negatives, infrared photography, pinhole cameras and more.

Where to Begin Learning Photoshop?

The How to Start link will take you to some basic tutorials to get you started without delay.

After that, there is plenty to explore and information about improving your knowledge and skills, whether you are making a fancy composite image or tidying up your favourite holiday pictures.

All in all, this site contains superbly, stupendously, awesomely interesting and monumentally useful material about PS and related digital imaging matters.

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