The Color Picker


In the next of the Photoshop for beginners tutorials, we'll look at the Color Picker.

There are zillionz of colours to choose from. Although the human eye can just about distinguish millions of colours, printing can only use a relatively small number; but that's a problem for the future. 

default colors
  • Towards the base of the toolbox, you will see two squares overlapping slightly.
    The top colour is for the foreground and the lower colour is for the background.

    Click on the black square, which brings up the Color Picker dialogue box.
    The other features of colour selection will come in later Photoshop tutorials. 
photoshop Color Picker

photoshop free tutorials
  • With the cursor, click on the large colour square to choose a new colour.
    The chosen colour appears in the top of the smaller box next to the OK button. 
    The sliders around the vertical colour bar will choose a new range.
  • Click OK now and this colour becomes the foreground colour.
  • Click on the background square in the toolbox to bring up this colour selection box again and a new background colour can be chosen.
  • The foreground and background colours can be reversed by clicking on the small double arrow next to the squares.

    Pressing X on the keyboard also reverses the colours.
  • The default colours are black over white. To clear existing colours and revert to the default, press D on the keyboard.
  • Colours can be selected by inserting their numbers.
    Colours particularly compatible with printing media can be selected.
  • The limited range of colours that display well on the web, known as web-safe colours, can also be chosen.
    In the bottom left corner of the Colour Picker panel is the 'Only Web Colors' box. Checking this box displays a very limited range of 256 colours. 

    The theory is that these colours are displayed more accurately over the web on different browsers. It works to some extent but it cannot take into account the characteristics of different monitors which often do not give a true representation of colours. 

    Stay tuned

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