A Camel Through the Eye of a Needle


Is it possible for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle? This is a concept coming from the biblical proverb and is used to illustrate something which is deemed to be impossible.

This final image came as an after-thought as the camel photograph was taken a while ago. 

eye of a needle
  • The needle was an upholstery needle with a very large eye. It was photographed in close-up and then cut out from the background.

    When a second image is to be added to an original, it's important to ensure the lighting and perspective are compatible.

fine detail cut-out
  • The camel layer was duplicated.
  • The needle image was put between the two camel images.
  • A black mask was added to the top camel image. A white brush was used to reveal the mouth and nose of the camel so that they appeared above part of the needle.
  • The mask had to be adjusted and finely tuned with the Refine Mask function in order to show the fine hairs and whiskers of the camel.

    The Refine Edge or Refine Mask function takes quite a bit of practice to use successfully. Once mastered, however, it enables very tricky selections to be completed.

    The predecessor of Refine Mask is the Extract Filter.  The Refine Mask function incorporates more functions into the same package. Feathering, expanding selection, contracting selection and matting are now all in the one place. It really needs a good understanding of these individual parts before the best results can be obtained from the Refine Mask feature.

  • The rope had to be selected and copied. This piece of rope was straightened and lead through the needle. 
    It was then copied and extended.

layers panel
  • As the sun was shining, part of the rope was given a highlight with Curves.
  • The old piece of rope hanging down was retouched out of the picture.

through the eye of a needle

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